March 2015 Build Trip Daniel Rollins, my brilliant cousin from Mom’s side of the family, and I heading to Mexico to join a group of volunteers I help lead for 4 days. While there, we plan to build 5 or more homes for families in need, and connect and share community with the villages in the areas we’re building. This is our big annual family build, inviting families of all sizes and age to join us, and I am excited to share we have almost 150 people registered.

I’ve been leading these trips every few months, and I am so excited to have Daniel join us. While I have previously used my businesses to fund these projects, I’ve recently had a change of heart to open that call to others to be included in a different ways. To help support the cost of materials and accommodations for our entire trip, we plan to raise about $500 from each volunteer. We’d really appreciate any and all help or donation. (Paypal, check, cash, Venmo, anything) Facebook, text, or email me at for details if you can help.

Personally this service trip has become one of my most favorite volunteer weekends. Friends and family know I love to share about it, and I am so excited Daniel can come down! I love connecting with families from both sides of the border, seeing the slacks of wood and nails become safe harbor for those in need, and the spirit and memories that lasts a lifetime. Many have asked how they can help when I return from these trips, and here is just one small way you can for I a project I love to support.

I’ve posted pictures from our previous build trips on Facebook and will do the same of this one, and if we’re not friends feel free to add me. (My Facebook page) This ‘asking for help and cause’ is new for me, and I hope that you can help us.