Back to Business and Travel…

Today marks the start of some medium business travel as year comes to a close. Large in part, I have spent all of 2014 home, which as been a welcome, healing experience. As this new season begins, I plan to get this right this time. So cheers Delta, let’s do this differently– because exploring the world is very much something I’ve missed a great deal this past year and looking forward to share with something again.


Business as Usual

As some have noticed or even since we spoke, I did not travel as planned. Unfortunately, my trip has been postponed. This was not an easy decision, and I am still hoping to take at least a week or two off later this year if possible.

This was a very ambitious trip (in spirit, in practice, emotionally, and financially. However after spending a few days in Mexico building homes the weekend before last, it became clear that I wasn’t ready.

I’m sharing this a few days late because the status wasn’t concrete cancelled until now. I wanted to personally thank everyone for their kind words on adventure, encouragement, and more these past few weeks in preparation.

A world trip is in the future, and I look forward to sharing more someday soon.

But for now, we’re business as usual. Carry onward.


World Trip 2014: To Infinity and Beyond

I’m spending the entire month of July traveling around the world… now it’s been shared. Let me step back now, and explain a little.

The great Buzz Lightyear once said, “Because of you, the future of this entire universe is in jeopardy!”… while that has absolutely nothing to do with my trip… yet, having his quote brings validity to the title. Allow me to continue.

One of the most significant surprises about myself in my adult life has been my unrelenting, and mostly uncontrollable, growing thirst for world culture and history. Some call it the travel bug, and now I have the “travel contagion”. It seems natural given my propensity to quote Wikipedia to anyone that listens, but for “that” of which could only be discovered by walking the shoreline of Cape Town, South Africa nearly 4 years ago was actually surprising to me in review. The internet has almost (technically almost) almost everything human kind has documented. A friend mentions a factoid over a craft beer about the the discovery of a buried war ship discovered under a hotel in downtown San Francisco, and the next thing I know I am reading off about other discoveries of the same nature all over SF.

So I feel the need to travel again and find adventure. However in humbling truth, some personal events late last year had changed my vision for that adventure. For months I had struggled with even the 2 short business trips… but recently I’ve started to remember just how much travel experience has shaped my life and direction.

With a small airline credit expiring soon, and some miles earned to make it worthwhile, I began to dream about traveling the world again. After a few days, the idea began to really take hold in my heart. My last personal trip of this caliber was 2 years ago in a previous “time” where I spent 3 weeks seeing Barcelona, lots of Belgium, Luxembourg and about nearby, and staying in Florence with someone close as she finished pastry school. Without anyone at the moment to share this again with, I considered that maybe this was my time to revisit the first 28 year of my life, and consider the next 28. (Having not stopped before that since starting my first company almost 7 years ago…)

Delta was incredibly generous, or simply inept to my technological crafty awesomeness, and within a week I built an itinerary that took me to Britain, Scotland, Amsterdam, Paris, Germany, and Australia via connections on a single ticket. The cost with the miles and credit, $130. I shared my idea with my right hand-man Nigel, who would have to brunt of the real day to day and manage our teams while I’d be away, and he advised me to go. While we have been growing the business rapidly, we’ve also been hard at work developing and preparing the launch of our biggest product release ever at Simple Phone Company later this fall. Also as timing would go, the schedule for my consulting company gave the month of July of the only conflict free multi-week time frame for such an adventure. So earlier this month I called Delta, and made it happen.

And so the plan emerged, and within days I had completed a complex schedule to backpack around the world via plane, train, and foot. I’ll stay and most time throughout Europe via train with a rail pass, but I’ve also booked mostly Airbnb reservations along the world for rest and laundry. My overnight stays include Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, Lyon, Rome, Venice, Florence, Sydney, and working plans for Dublin, Istanbul, and more…. I hope to take one of two day trips to the Mediterranean, and North and East Europe if possible… ending with three days in Sydney. This blog in part was created to document my adventure, and inspire others to do the same. I’ll add posts soon about the stays, schedule, Airbnb, and more… along with frequent Facebook updates, photos, Instagram, and more pointed back here.

So, if the universe is indeed in jeopardy someday, I hope I might discover the inspiration and solution while away to save us all. (Buzz was relevant…)

In completing my plans and sharing with my teams last week, I was reminded of why I started to love adventure and travel in the first the place. Like the reason to launch a start-up if you have an idea– this world we share is unbelievably small, and our time here is incurably short. We are afforded only so many opportunities to make a difference and to see this world, if we choose. The timing and place in my life makes this opportunity unique.

I have already setup my European mobile phone (details on Facebook), and would like to thank my teams to allowing me to work afar with them as we continue to charge ahead. Nigel and Frank, thank you for making this possible.

There will be a lot to share, and I hope you’ll enjoy.

Hi, I’m chrismeadows.

Obama comes to Laguna

This morning during my Saturday walk and hike I found this intriguing sign… Turns out, our president (who was scheduled to deliver the commencement speech for UCI) was also scheduled to attend a fundraiser in North Laguna. Needless to say, I checked in and he did not buy that toaster in the corner.



Where to begin…

Hello friends. Wait, no, hello world. I’ve always seemed to be first in a lot of great places, and humbly late to many many more. So, here it I am, and right on-time.

Welcome to my view of my world with some form of organization and collection in blog format. Centered around my passions, interests, random facts, travel, technology, points of interest, start-up life, small business, and beach living– with a mission to document and share what I’ve so unfairly experienced in life in a not-caffeine-fueled (hopefully-spell-checked) form.

Who is chrismeadows? That’s a question I am also still trying to solve, but having now started here perhaps after a year or two we might be able to read about him. What I can tell you, is that he is lover of all things craft, story, fresh, fun, original, adventurous, and unique. We also know that he stays awake at night reading Wikipedia about the days discoveries, is a coffee and craft beer aficionado both locally and globally, a dreamer in the most random sense, a fan of many arts, and is known to favor minimalism and use of the word simple. It has been recorded that his favorite color is blue, that he tends to speak in third person, and that while Ranch is his favorite dressing for everything he greatly enjoys salads without dressing. While his business is in business, he favors and subscribes to all ideas and dreams enterpronuerial and inventive. To put it simply, he is a creature of abundant passion for many things, and he is here to share.

So, welcome. Read, shout, comment, and share.

Hi, i’m chrismeadows.