Hello friends. Wait, no, hello world. I’ve always seemed to be first in a lot of great places, and humbly late to many many more. So, here it I am, and right on-time.

Welcome to my view of my world with some form of organization and collection in blog format. Centered around my passions, interests, random facts, travel, technology, points of interest, start-up life, small business, and beach living– with a mission to document and share what I’ve so unfairly experienced in life in a not-caffeine-fueled (hopefully-spell-checked) form.

Who is chrismeadows? That’s a question I am also still trying to solve, but having now started here perhaps after a year or two we might be able to read about him. What I can tell you, is that he is lover of all things craft, story, fresh, fun, original, adventurous, and unique. We also know that he stays awake at night reading Wikipedia about the days discoveries, is a coffee and craft beer aficionado both locally and globally, a dreamer in the most random sense, a fan of many arts, and is known to favor minimalism and use of the word simple. It has been recorded that his favorite color is blue, that he tends to speak in third person, and that while Ranch is his favorite dressing for everything he greatly enjoys salads without dressing. While his business is in business, he favors and subscribes to all ideas and dreams enterpronuerial and inventive. To put it simply, he is a creature of abundant passion for many things, and he is here to share.

So, welcome. Read, shout, comment, and share.

Hi, i’m chrismeadows.